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Veikko Halonen
Veikko Halonen

Veikko Halonen, MBA, is managing director / CEO of Vuokatti Sports Institute. Hes has been managing and consulting ski resorts and holiday resorts for 30 years and is wellknown specialist in tourism management. He has been working in ski resorts in Lapland and has been builder of Ski-tunnel and Snow board tunnel of Vuokatti.

Vuokatti is Finland`s 6th largest ski center with over 700 000 overnight visitors yearly. Vuokatti is also year-round destination specialized for skiing and family holidays. Main facilities are cross-country tracks, ski-tunnel, downhill slopes, three golf courses and spa. Vuokatti Sports Institute is a highly qualified, appreciated and developing education center specialized in snow-how. Institute offers a good education environment for highlevel sports education as well as capable and internationally significant training center for Nordic skiing. The institute acts as a developing wellness and workplace health promotion center that is specially known for surrounding nature and snow-related activities.

Vuokatti is qualified as Olympic Training Center of Finland. Snow-how is developed in cooperation with the national associations University of Jyväskylä and Snowpolis. Ski training customers visiting from 40 different countries.


Session 4

3rd March. 11:15 – 13:00

Vuokatti Sport, Finland

Vuokatti Sports Institute is 70 –years old winter sports training center in Finland supervised by the Ministry of Education of Finland with ski slopes, ski jumping hills, an all-year ski-tunnel and two sports halls. Vuokatti wants to change its customer base in such a way, that in the coming years, an increasing number of customers are ordinary wellness guests who are seeking a holistic well-being and health. Athletes will continue to play an important sector of quests, but the focus slides in the direction of wellness customers. What does it mean? “We do not offer only experiences, we want to change something in you permanently”. One of the megatrends in the world is people's self health and well-being. According to some statistics mm. USA wellness market is already larger than the size of Hollywood's entertainment output. And it unfortunately contains also a huge amount of rubbish -everywhere in the world. In Vuokatti we want to provide a lifestyle change precisely our own strengths: fresh nature, forests and outoor activities. Naturally, specialized to winter sports, we offer cross-country skiing as one of our most important products. Each of the Finns can ski x-country, it is already being trained in schools. But if the experience has been less significant, cross-country skiing can seem terrifying. At a same time when hundreds of thousands of ordinary Finns enjoy skiing in the forest tracks. What is required? The first challenge is branding. How can we get a leisurely cross-country skiing or hiking in the trend of all generations? Good example of large hype took place in Finland years ago. Yet since 1946, and even 1960`s "People Ski" (Kansanhiihto) was held in Finland. That campaign was designed to get all the Finns to skis. Success was excellent: the best years 1.5 million Finns went to the marshes of skiing in the required mileage, to get colorful pin to their ski jacket every year. How can we infect the modern welfare of the citizens applying for the same common "ski obligation". The solution lies largely professional marketing, the branding and co-operation.

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