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Richard Adam

Richard Adam, Australian national, German origin, has grown up in the tourism and hospitality industry and worked his way into mid-level management positions in Europe, the US, Australia and Asia prior to academic education.
After his university graduation in business management and behavioral sciences in Germany and the US, he has been working for an internationally leading strategy consultancy and was then assigned as Director Marketing & Development for a private corporation in real estate, hotels, medical, golf courts and cable cars, mainly operating in Spain and Germany. He was then appointed as Inaugural CEO for the new Marketing & Tourism Authority for the German State of Bavaria, which become an industry benchmark in his tenure. After successful ten years in office he was asked to run the Munich 2018 Bid for Winter Olympics. He then shaped his own company for project and business development between Asia and Europe.
Since march 2015 he is appointed CCO and board member of “Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG”, one of Switzerland`s largest cable car and ski resort operators, furthermore the largest operator of hotels, restaurants and peripheral services in the area. His objective is to restructure approach to market and develop new revenue streams and source markets for one of the world`s most prestigious mountain resorts with a 150 years of history in mega events.


Session 2

2nd March. 15:15h – 17:30h

“Mega Events” in Mountain Resorts – two sides of the medal. Reflections from the century legacy perspective of St. Moritz

Mountain Resorts reach out for “Mega Events”. However, there are development patterns for destinations and rational differentiation of event`s potential, scope and objective is needed in order to build sustainable assets. St. Moritz can demonstrate 150 years of history in developing international winter tourism, has seen two Olympic Winter Games and will be hosting the 5th FIS Ski WC in 2017, among many other top events. For decades, the area is one of the world`s most prestigious winter resorts and mountain destination. Expectations are projected into “mega events”: reputation, image, building competencies, infrastructure and sustainable revenue streams from visitors as well as options for future generations. Achieving these targets, today a more critical approach regarding differentiation, sustainability and focus is needed. Costs of infrastructure remain, core-competencies disappear, reputation wears out, crowding-out effects were unconsidered and destinations deal with debts for decades, missing post-event strategies, unable to keep up with creating values for their core target groups. The core differentiation is the destinations`s individual development stage and who actually controls rights and scope of the event, the revenue and the ongoing development of the event. Business model of high profile international associations and their scope of control have seen a shift with consequences for organizers. There is evidence for various hypes in pre-event stage and for even bigger headaches in post-event periods. Research regarding Ski WC 2003 in St. Moritz demonstrate, the crowding-out effect was underestimated, retail turnover decreased compared to “normal” periods, although legacies in clean energies and positive image factors were achieved. Without a strategy regarding solid regular core business for the destination, events can define their own dynamics. Once an event fits into the destination`s positioning strategy, it can support it, but it is risky to build the strategy around the event in order to justify the same. Sustainability of a destination is not to be found in hosting a series of events, but creating competitive edge value and attractiveness/experience seen from the core target groups of regular visitors over best stretched seasonal periods.

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