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Enric Torres
Enric Torres

Product and New Project Manager Andorra Turisme.

Enric has a Diploma in Tourism from the University of Gerona and a Degree in Tourist Destinations from the Le Mirail University of Toulouse. His work has led him to different positions of management and responsibility both in the private sector (accommodation and travel agencies) and in the public (Andorra national and local public administration).

In 2006 he was Director of the Government Tourist Department and in 2008 was a driving force behind the creation of the company Andorra Turisme, of which he was the first CEO. Andorra Turisme is the public company responsible for implementing and controlling tourist marketing actions in order to improve Andorra’s competitiveness as a tourist destination.

In 2010 he became Director of the Product Club of the parish of Canillo (Andorra) in order to promote an entity of public-private collaboration to position Canillo as a mountain destination all year round, to work on producing a distinctive offer and to increase the number of proposals and products available to customers and consumers.

Since 2012 he has been Director of Product and New Projects for the company Andorra Turisme. His area includes a group of 4 collaborators, and is responsible for defining, developing and managing a wide range of cultural and sports products, with special emphasis on those in which coordination with the private sector is necessary for the correct structuring of the offer and its further commercialisation in the principal tourist markets and segments.



Session 4

3rd de March, 11:15 – 13.00h

The case of Andorra is probably not a typical case amongst models of mountain destinations in Europe.  The country, which is pinned amidst the Pyrenean mountains with an area of 468 km2, each year is visited by almost 8 million people.

Its international position as a shopping and skiing destination is the main reason for this large number of visitors.  For decades the country has enjoyed a strong commercial activity which has led it to encourage, complement and distinguish the remaining leisure activities forming its tourist offer.

Skiing has undoubtedly been the most important activity in the winter season.  The highly competitive and modernised Andorran ski resorts have allowed the country to enjoy constant growth in the number of skiers and exponential growth in the accommodation offer associated with this kind of mass tourism.
For the rest of the year, the mountain related activities, which are the country’s main asset, remain in the minority, which constantly limits the operation of all of the infrastructures and leisure offers throughout the whole year.

The challenge that faces us as a destination is to guarantee the sustainability of the present infrastructures, to ensure that they are renewed and to encourage their growth and profitability according to market trends, the needs of local society and the diversification of the economy.

The development of a tourist country strategy based on enhancing sports related activities and healthy lifestyles by making use of the infrastructures and services in the destination will be the base of the examples on which work is being done in Andorra and which will be presented in this paper.

Enric Torres (Andorra Turisme Product and New Products Manager)  
Imma Jiménez (Directress of Iniciativa ACTUA)

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