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Chris Doyle

Executive Director-Europe
European Editor, AdventureTravelNews
Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)

Since 2004, Chris has played a key role in the strategic direction and development of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, which serves more than 1,100 members (including tour operators, tourism boards, specialty agents, accommodations and industry partners) in 90 countries worldwide, each sharing a commitment to the sustainable development of adventure tourism. In addition to serving as European Editor for AdventureTravelNews™, the leading digital journal for the adventure travel trade, he oversees the ATTA's development efforts throughout Europe. He travels frequently in collaboration with public and private organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and development agencies as an ambassador and facilitator of best practices and long-range responsible tourism development planning. Chris, who resides in Sweden and is an avid trail runner, also directed the content and execution for each of the ATTA’s first 11 Adventure Travel World Summit conference, now considered by many to be among the tourism trade’s top annual gatherings.



Session 3

3rd March. 09:00 – 10:45h

Adventure Travel: Value Creation, Innovation & Ecosystems in Mountain Destinations
With the UNWTO-Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) Global Report on Adventure Tourism as a framework, Chris will share insights into one of the most progressive – and fastest growing – forms of tourism which is developing into the industry standard that drives destinations around the globe to create sustainable economic tourism models that helps to protect fragile communities, peoples and places. He’ll also convey trending data about increasingly time-starved, demanding and enlightened consumers who are expecting higher value out of their travel experiences. Fortunately, mountain resorts, which are ideally suited to attract the Adventure Travel sector, have the opportunity to leverage their built-in infrastructure, staffing, marketing and back end systems to capture these travelers hungry for deeper and innovative experiences. Chris will then offer perspectives on what mountain destinations might consider to prepare for this emerging customer segment, to create enhanced value for visitors, and the role that Adventure Travel can play in the greater mountain tourism eco-system.