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Catherine Germier-Hamel
Catherine Germier-Hamel

Catherine Germier-Hamel, French, currently serves as Founder and CEO of Millennium Destinations, a Seoul-based network of experts dedicated to the development and promotion of sustainable tourism destinations, businesses and products. Over the past 20 years, Catherine has gained international experience in strategic and operational marketing, communications and business development, in various fields such as tourism, hospitality, education, environment, water and power utilities, etc. With a growing commitment to sustainable development and environmental issues, she has undertaken several assignments as Consultant or Project Director within the framework of international cooperation and technical assistance projects, mostly in developing countries, France, and South Kore where she has been living since 2005. She has dedicated the past ten years to sustainable tourism, particularly as Director of Global Programs at the UNWTO ST-EP Foundation (2008-2014) and then and Tourism and Hospitality Consultant. Catherine holds a Master degree in Management and Business Administration and a vocational degree in Sustainable Tourism Development. She is also Country delegate of François Tourisme Consultants and AMFORHT - World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training – for South Korea ; Founding Member of PlayForest, a Seoul-based cooperative promoting nature-based tourism ; and Member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council - GSTC.


Session 6

3rd March - 16:00h – 17:45h

International cross-cultural hikes between France and South Korea”: exploring new horizons in mountain tourism.

After a few words about herself and her background in sustainable tourism development and marketing, Catherine Germier-Hamel will briefly describe her experiences of hiking in France, her country of origin, and in South Korea, her country of residence since 2005. Then she will provide some data about hiking as an increasingly popular activity and a promising market throughout the world, creating both opportunities and challenges for mountain destinations. Then, Catherine will compare France and South Korea as hiking destinations and she will introduce the different profiles of French and South Korean hikers, highlighting their motivations, attitudes, needs, and behaviors in their respective countries. Based on the above, she will suggest marketing orientations to develop hiking products adapted to domestic, regional and international markets. After this first part, Catherine Germier-Hamel will present the “International, cross-cultural hikes between France and South Korea” initiative. The brainchild of three French expats living in South Korea, this project was initially designed within the framework of the 2015-2016 France-Korea Year, celebrating the 130th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Nonetheless, it is not only intended to foster tourism and cultural cooperation but also to develop innovative tourism products contributing to job creation and income generation in mountain destinations. The presentation of this project will include details on its background and objectives, guiding principles, particularly in terms of sustainability and replicability, expected benefits, main project activities, marketing, and communication strategy. The two tentative hiking programs in France and in South Korea will be outlined, as well as their planned schedules. Finally, Catherine will provide some insights and recommendations in terms of key factors of success, risks, and obstacles.

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